Illegal parking at Nerul railway stations creates havoc for commuters

The issue of illegal parking is causing troubles for the commuters of Nerul Railway station where auto rickshaws as well as private vehicles park at their own whims and fancies.

For the commuters of Nerul Railway station, travelling from the station has become a herculean task. That’s because Nerul Railway station seems to have become a hub of illegal parking. The front of the Nerul Railway station is always chaotic with haphazard parking by private vehicles and illegal auto stands by rickshaw drivers. All these illegal parking is done right under the nose of a couple of No Parking Boards exposing the failure of CIDCO as well as the railway authorities to curb parking menace in this area. Local and commuters expressed that it was the negligent attitude of the authorities that today illegal parking has become one of the major concerns of the Nerul Railway Station.

People also expressed that while CIDCO makes rules, it is completely violated leading to problems for the commuters and the buses that come to this station.

One of the locals said that the problem was due to the fact that there was limited parking space near the Nerul railway station and more of vehicles which led to people parking their vehicles in whatever open space that they get. The menace of illegal parking is not just limited to Nerul Railway Station. A similar scenario is seen at several railway stations of the city where malls have come up. And with limited parking space in these areas, the railway stations always become a chaotic parking zone more often than not. With cameraperson Deepak Kamble, Gangasingh Rajpurohit for NMTV News.

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