SlumsResidents of Sector 10, Sanpada are facing several problems due to the illegal encroachment in their area. The plot where slums are multiplying since the last two years is still not sold by CIDCO. Residents say that when they brought the increasing hutments in their area, CIDCO paid no heed to their complaints. This is plot no. 185 in sector 10, Sanpada that is still not sold by CIDCO. The hutments here started coming up two years ago. Today there are nearly 200 illegal hutments, locals allege. The residents living in nearby colonies complain that the illegal encroachments have made living in this area a horrifying experience. The dwellers here take bath in the morning in the open, which evidently leads to water clogging in the area. The stagnant water have adds to the mosquito menace in the area. Residents of the area say that those living in the hutments use another open plot in the area for attending nature’s call. And on several days, they sit and play cards on footpaths making it very difficult for the women, girls and children living in the nearby societies. Apart from this they smoke and drink and pass remarks and enter into squabbles. This area of Sanpada is considered to be a posh sector where residents have put in huge investments believing that the area will be planned as promised by CIDCO. They say that they have been cheated. The problems they face are so severe in nature that they do not get a moment’s peace anymore. The residents of Shree Durga Society are most affected due to CIDCO apathy. Surprisingly, the CIDCO nodal office agrees that the encroachment is illegal. In an interview with our CMB CIDCO Executive Engineer N R Nehte says that he had written to the marketing department in this context, but his own dept. does not bother to reply. We then went to CIDCO where the marketing dept informed us that the plot has been handed over to the social welfare dept. while the social welfare dept. declined that the plot was given to them. We then met the TPO Venugopal who said that earlier the said plot was to be given for a multiplex but now they are contemplating of reserving this plot for a community center since Sanpada does not have one. The ignorance and apathy that CIDCO officials in various departments exhibit towards issues related to residents of the city is very unfortunate. Fortunately for the city, the present Managing Director of CIDCO is a very dynamic officer – Ashok Sinha. Speaking to our Editor Zeba Warsia, Ashok Sinha accepted that encroachment on their land is a serious issue, which they have decided to tackle effectively in the near future.


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