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India’s COVID-19 migrant crisis becomes heartbreaking stories of shattering humanity

Even as the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic has brought upon an unprecedented storm on major economies globally, it has had far more destructive effects on a vulnerable India. The hasty COVID-19 lockdown has triggered the worst-ever migrant crisis in decades, Hundreds and Thousands of migrant workers are fleeing shuttered cities to reach their homelands.

The nation-wide lockdown has infused a wave of unemployment, putting at stake the bread and butter of the poor and risking the existence of the needy to halt on a hand to mouth living.

Weary migrants are walking hundreds of miles to somehow reach their native villages, with blisters on feet and kids and luggage in hands, migrants are going hungry surviving only on water and biscuits for days.

Heart-wrenching viral videos and photos reveal that India is actually facing a severe humanitarian crisis.

While a weeping man became the symbol of India’s migrant crisis, an exhausted child was found asleep on a wheeled suitcase, migrants were seen improvising their unfortunate conditions as leaked images revealed a man pulling his pregnant wife on a handmade wooden cart and a woman tied with a baby on her back cycling, brought to picture the distressing plight of the poor and migrants during this lockdown.

In a recently spine-chilling incident, a viral video revealed a hungry migrant was found resorting to eating a dead dog on the Delhi-Jaipur highway.
Pradhuman Singh Naruka, The man who captured the video that humanity to shame then went ahead to stop him and offered the starving man, food and water.

With millions of poor and migrants stranded in cities across India are battling hunger, the coronavirus pandemic in reality has hit India at its lowest devastating the lives of the weaker sections of the society.

While we hope and await a speedy recovery of India’s migrant crisis we also bring to realisation that the lurching migrants are the backbone of India’s economy and while the country runs on their blood and sweat losing out on them would be a callous response towards humanity and in reviving the staggered Indian economy.


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