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India’s spike in cases overtakes Italy to become sixth worst-affected nation due to Coronavirus

After witnessing mild relaxations in the country after nearly three months of quarantine, India has overtook Italy as the sixth worst hit country in the world by the novel coronavirus pandemic after the country witnessed 9000 plus cases for three days in a row which propelled the total positive coronavirus cases in the country to over 237,000 cases and claiming around 6642 lives across the country. India also witnessed a new record of total positive coronavirus cases in a single day on Friday with 9,887 people getting infected with the deadly pandemic.

The Union Health Ministry of India said that a total of 116,000 active cases is present in the country and a total of 114,072 patients i.e. around 49% have recovered from the deadly pandemic out of all the patients infected with the novel coronavirus. The Union Health Ministry also stated that one patient has been migrated. India is now the sixth worst-affected country after the United States of America, Brazil, Russia, Spain and the United Kingdoms.

Maharashtra is the worst affected state with over 80229 total positive coronavirus cases in the state and the death toll rising to 2849 and 28694 recovering from the novel coronavirus. Tamil Nadu, the worst affected state in the south with a total of 28694 positive coronavirus cases and 235 deaths. The country’s capital, Delhi has a total of 26334 cases with 708 patients succumbing to the pandemic and 10315 recovering from the COVID-19. Gujarat which initially saw a surge in coronavirus cases has reported a total of 19119 new coronavirus cases with 1190 fatalities and 13011 recovered patients. Rajasthan also reported 10000 plus cases of COVID-19 with 218 deaths and 7359 recoveries. Uttar Pradesh recorded over 9733 total positive cases with 257 fatalities and 5648 recoveries.  Madhya Pradesh has reported over 8996 new cases, 384 fatalities and 5878 recoveries. The state most affected by the Amphan cyclone, West Bengal reported a total of 7303 positive coronavirus cases while 2912 have recovered from the same. The death toll in West Bengal due to COVID-19 counted 366 adding to the people killed by the cyclone. Karnataka reported around 57 deaths with a total of 4835 infected by the virus and 1693 recovering from the same. The state of Bihar reported 4598 cases of the coronavirus with a mere 29 deaths recorded with 2233 recoveries. Andhra Pradesh has reported 73 fatalities with 4250 total coronavirus cases and 2565 recoveries. 3597 total coronavirus cases were reported in Haryana with 24 succumbing to the virus and 1209 recovering from the same. Telangana, the state where 48 PG doctors were reported positive of the COVID-19 in a single day has reported a total of 3290 positive cases with 113 deaths and 1627 recovering from the COVID-19. Jammu and Kashmir reported over 35 fatalities while 3142 were infected and 1048 recoveries. Odisha, a state which also suffered losses of lives and property due to the novel coronavirus has witnessed 2478 total positive COVID-19 cases, 1481 recoveries and 9 deaths. Punjab reported over 2415 total cases with 47 deaths and 2043 recoveries. Assam reported a mere 4 deaths while witnessing over 1989 total cases across the state with 443 patients recovering from the infection. Kerala, the state which had the most COVID-19 cases at a point and witnesses a drastic plunge in the coronavirus cases has reported a total of 1700 cases with 15 causalities while 712 have recovered from the same. Uttarakhand reported 1153 total positive coronavirus cases with 10 fatalities and 286 recoveries. Jharkhand reported only 5 deaths in the state while 764 have been infected and 297 recovering from the same. Chhatisgarh reported 2 deaths with a total of 678 coronavirus cases in the state. So far 189 patients have recovered from the infecrion. Tripura witnessed 622 total coronavirus cases out of which 173 have recovered. There is no death reported due to the COVID-19 in the state. Himachal Pradesh reported over 6 fatalities and 163 recoveries out of the 369 infected patients of the COVID-19. The state of Chandigarh reported 302 total coronavirus cases with the death toll climbing to 5 and 222 recoveries. Goa, the state which had reported 7 cases earlier last month reported a total of 126 cases across the state while 57 have recovered from the same. Manipur reported 124 cases with 11 recoveries and 0 fatalities. Puducherry has so far reported 90 cases with 33 recoveries. Nagaland has reported 80 cases with no recoveries and deaths. Arunachal Pradesh has reported 37 cases with only 1 recovery throughout the state. Meghalaya has reported 33 cases and a death while 13 patients have recovered from the COVID-19. Mizoram has reported 17 cases and 2 recovered patients. Sikkim has the lowest number of cases with only 2 people infected with the novel coronavirus.

– Christo Freddy, NMTV News


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