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Is the Palm Towers dispute a lesson to not buy homes in the illegal towers in sector 28, Nerul? – A NMTV Mission against Corruption

The High Court order against Palm Towers in Sector 42, SeawoodsNerul has brought on record the illegal construction in the project that is going to be demolished by NMMC. On the other hand, the civic body continues to ignore the violations of GDCR and FSI theft by towers in Sector 28, Nerul compelling one to question Is the Palm Beach Towers dispute a lesion to not buy homes in the illegal towers in Sector 28, Nerul?

Residents of Palm Towers are at risk of losing their homes in a major demolition drive that NMMC plans to take against the towers in Sector 42, Nerul. When the matter came up for hearing in the High Court, the court directed the NMMC Town Planning Office to survey the illegal construction done by Palm Beach Towers, regularize what could be regularized and demolish the rest.

In its report, the Town Planning Office informed the court that as much as 17, 000 sq ft is FSI theft in the two towers, which has to be razed down. On September 7, the Town Planning Office sent a notice to residents to demolish the illegal construction on their own within a month or else NMMC would be forced to do it. Now panicky residents are going to court against the NMMC Town Planning Office with the appeal that the shops in the building should be demolished and not their homes !! This case should ring a bell for all those who are planning to buy homes in the towers of shame in Sector 28, Nerul. More alert should be those who have already bought homes here. The reason being 8 of the towers here are illegal, vouches NCP Corporator of the area Ashok Gawde. These illegal towers are :
• Tulsi Sagar, Plot No. 106 Sector No. 28A Nerul

• Bhumi Elite Plot No. 27, 27A, 28B Sector No. 28A Nerul

• Ishwar Ecstasy Plot No. 23 Sector No. 28A Nerul

• Sai Palm Plot No. 22A, 36 Sector No. 28A Nerul

• Sadguru Platinum Plot No. 20, 21, 22 Sector No. 28A Nerul

• BalajiKalash Plot No. 28, 29 Sector No. 28A Nerul

• Balaji Heights Plot No. 100, 101 Sector No. 28A Nerul

• Poonam Tower Plot No. 1, 2, 31 Sector No. 20 Nerul
Despite raising the issue of these towers again and again in NMMC Standing Committee meetings, the NMMC administration is playing mischief instead of speeding up survey and subsequent action on fraud builders. Ashok Gawde says that going to court is the only option left with him.

Pointing out the obvious reluctance in officials of Town Planning Office to take action, Ashok Gawde says that despite being a corporator, he does not get answers from the administration. Corporators of the Standing Committee who have witnessed how the NMMC Town Planning Office is reluctant to take action against illegal towers say that builders know that they can construct illegally as NMMC regularizes the same later.

AparnaGavte says that in all cases the builders walk away with the moolahwhile the buyers face the heat later. BahadurBishtthe ShivSenacorporator in Standing Committee says that NMMC needs to control the FSI thefts in the city but they are not doing it. Putting a question mark on the dubious intention of the administration to safeguard the interest of corrupt builders, AparnaGavte points out that they were told that information boards would be put up wherever illegal construction is happening, but this has yet not been done anywhere by NMMC. Both the ruling and opposition have the same opinion on this one. So the biggest question is “why is NMMC not putting information boards against the 8 illegal towers in Sector 28, Nerul warning them of not purchasing property in these towers?”

Imagine having paid your entire life’s savings to a builder for a home, only to be later sent a notice stating that the home you bought is illegal and has to be demolished ! Would this not be your worst nightmare? Residents of Palm Beach Towers in Sector 42, Nerul are living this nightmare. The million-dollar question is “do you want to live the same nightmare by buying homes in the illegal towers of shame in Sector 28, Nerul?” Act for yourself for the corrupt nexus of builders and town planning official of NMMC will never. With bureau inputs, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.


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