It will take more than talks for Junior Bush to make a powerful impact for 2016 presidential race, Washington


It might be true that for Republican candidate Jeb Bush many opinions have changed so far, considering the fact that he has been presenting himself in complete different attire and plans than what his father and brother had. He speaks of working only for the people and for the upliftment of the economy. But it definitely would require more than just talks to make an impression, an impression similar to what he had carried out in his two successful campaigns for governor in Florida.

However, no matter how different Jeb Bush’s thoughts and actions are different from his brother, he still will have to face all those attacks that will come through his path for his brother’s action. During his presidency George W. Bush had made a bad impression of the Americans to the world especially with the unpopular invasion of Iraq. And maybe the majority of Americans still do believe that something the same might repeat if another Bush does comes to power again. Kiran Kidwai – International Desk, NMTV