It’s Dussera ! The festival to celebrate victory of good over evil

For nine days and nights, the festival of Dussera is celebrated. After a 10 day ceremony of fast and rituals, there are fiests to honour the mother Goddess and triumph of Lord Rama over Demon Ravana. Dussehra also symbolizes the triumph of warrior Goddess Durga over the buffalo demon, Mahishasura. That is why Dussera is a celebration of victory of good over evil.

In the months of Ashwin and Kartik, Hindus observe a 10 day ceremony of fast, rituals, celebrations, fiests to honor the mother Goddess and triumph of Lord Rama over Demon Ravana. This celebration starts from Navratri and ends with the tenth day festival of “Dussehra”. Navratri and Dussehra is celebrated throughout the country at the same time, with varying rituals, but with great enthusiasm and energy. Dussera is celebrated on the tenth day after Navratri and is also called Vijayadashami or the tenth day of victory.

Like other festivals that are celebrated across the city, even Dussera and Durga Puja became an occasion for festivities on a grand scale, which emanate a genuine feeling of bonhomie and warmth. Special garlands made of mango leaves of yellow flowers are decorated outside the Indian household as a part of this celebration. Dusshera is considered an auspicious festival where people purchase new things be it house or gold as this day signifies the day of prosperity for them. In the Kerala community, the Keralites celebrate this day by also praying books.

Celebration of Dussera is a symbol of India’s tradition of communal togetherness and unity in diversity and wish that the festival brings peace, happiness and prosperity to all. With cameraperson Santosh Bodhare, Gangasingh Rajpurohit for NMTV News.

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