manda-mhatre-visit-school-1Navi Mumbai News has been airing reports on the highly pathetic conditions prevailing in municipal school. As MLC Manda Mhatre visited the municipal school at Turbhe village yesterday, it exposed the inhuman conditions students are forced to study in, in these schools. Lady teachers and students of the school are forced to go to go at the school backyard or in toilets where even the dirtiest animals would not go. For a corporation that has Crores to spend on development projects, this is indeed a very sorry state of affairs. MLC Manda Mhatre arrived at Turbhe village’s municipal school, to felicitate meritorious students. But what shocked the leader was the inhuman conditions students were facing here. Despite having a strength of 1600 students, the municipal school neither has a toilet nor drinking water facility. Not even the fact that the school has girl students studying in Std. 6th and 7th has given NMMC Education Dept. reason enough to provide these facilities to the school, which leaves the students with no choice but to use the open ground in the backyard of the school. Students informed Navi Mumbai News that sometimes they have to use the water they get for drinking purpose from their homes to go to the toilet. The taps have been broken for years and water leaks from the roofs to such levels that some of the classrooms are filled with water just after a few showers. A few parents say that no one hears the voice of the poor. The Principal and students of the school voiced their problems to MLC Manda Mhatre. Shocked by the conditions of the school, the leader decided to pay a visit to a few other municipal schools. Her next stop was Manisha Vidyalaya at Vashi – the school, which reels under the most pathetic conditions that Navi Mumbai News has always highlighted. Though Manisha Vidyalaya has a toilet for record sake, even the dirtiest animals would not dare to go here. The toilets are not cleaned and filled with sewerage. Strangely the very elected representatives and officials, who have toilet in every floor in the municipal offices and some in their ante-chambers too seem to be unaware that the students and staff of two schools are denied the basic toilet facility. The drinking water area is filled with filth, the conditions of fans, windows, chairs and doors are crying for attention. Sources allege that since Manisha Vidyalaya falls on a prime plot in Vashi, the land mafia is eyeing the school to grab the land. How else can one explain why the school is not being repaired despite NMMC’s education dept. declaring the school building unsafe? The mid day meals do not reach municipal school students and where they do, the quality is so poor that only a hungry and poor child can eat it. These two municipal schools are just a trailer of the education that the NMMC Education Dept. is imparting across the city. Despite being the one of state’s richest corporations, the department has failed to do any justice to the poor coming to municipal schools for education.


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