It’s the not the summer heat that is getting to Obama. It’s the rage of Americans !

Who said it is easy being the most powerful man on earth? Ask United States President Barack Obama who has had to face more lows than highs ever since he took charge of office.

However, it was never as bad as it is now. The debt-crisis that is deepening by the hour, turmoil on Wall Street, impact of the much-dreaded recession, death of American soldiers in Afghanistan have hit Barack Obama’s rating and popularity among Americans.

A recent Gallup rating has found that Obama’s job approval rating fell to 39%. What’s worse? Only 26% Americans approve of the way President Obama is handling the sinking economy. And to take a vacation in the middle of all this, further earned the ire of Americans.

So as Obama continues to only talk the talk and not walk the talk, Americans are getting more furious by the day.


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