kharghar-1For building a self-sustaining education ecosystem for continued growth Kharghar is coming to be known as the education capital of Navi Mumbai. It has become a world-class education hub, renowned for its intellectual capital and creative energy”: While this vision may seem highly ambitious for the node but Kharghar has proven that it has what it takes to make the vision a reality. With a flavour so young – Kharghar is coming to be known for vibrancy, energy and spirit. And this flavour is rendered by the schools and colleges that dot the node. World renowned institutes like NIFT and some of the best schools of the nation like DAV International School, Kharghar, the node has attract world-class institutions to Kharghar within a few years. These would be centres of excellence in education and research, with strong links to industry. They would represent the best in their fields across a spectrum of disciplines, from business management to medicine, and engineering to applied sciences. Several world-class universities have a significant presence here. These institutions conduct post-graduate education programmes, undertake both academic and applied research, and build strong linkages with industry. The education industry that is slowly establishing and becoming Kharghar’s identity will contribute to economic growth, build a pool of local and foreign talent for industries in the nation, create new job opportunities as education professionals, and build strong education enterprises rooted in Kharghar. By developing a vibrant community of tertiary institutes, public and private schools, and corporate training centres Kharghar will be well-positioned to be a global education hub of quality that both local and foreign students would naturally gravitate towards. Such a hub will also generate world-class research and development capabilities, build Kharghar’s reputation as a talent hub, and contribute to the nation’s economic growth and job creation.


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