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Law takes action after gang-raped victim hangs herself, law takes action after public outcry, why did it take a year for the law to wake up, Canada

17 yr old Rehtaeh Parsons hanged herself after she had become a victim of gang rape a year ago. Rehtaeh had been gang raped by four boys who later had posted the complete act online. After that for the past one year Rehtaeh was bullied and embarrassed by all her colleagues, relatives and friends. Somehow, at that time she and her family did not get any relief from the law at all. And when Rehtaeh could not tolerate the bullying anymore, she committed suicide. Her mother Leah Parsons later had posted a message for the whole world against the four boys how they had first raped her daughter and later had posted the act online ruining her daughter’s fate and life forever.

Rehtaeh suicide had spread like fire among the Canadians and surprisingly the law also seem to take action after the burst of public outcry and their demand for justice. Nova Scotia Justice Minister Ross Landry is now trying to solve the case, further requesting the people that the guilty will be punished and so let the system do that.

Why? How come the law didn’t respond at a time when it was most required? Why were their no proper investigations done before? It’s at this time when you are disheartened that there was a chance that the life of the 17 yr old Rehtaeh could have been saved, if the guilty were punished at the right time. Two of the accused are caught and the other two are identified and will be arrested soon. Only if the police and law could have taken this action a year back, not only Rehtaeh would have been alive today, it would have become a valuable lesson for such monsters.  Kiran Kidwai  – International Desk, NMTV


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