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Loyalty lost in modern times politicians

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Corporators of NMMC are changing political loyalties as NMMC Elections draw near. A while ago NCP’s Shivram Patil, Anita Patil, Kishore Patkar, Congress’s Namdeo Bhagat, Arvind Naik, Sindhu Naik, Rangnath Auty, Vilas Bhoir, and Hemangi Sonawane all defected to Shiv Sena. Prior to that Congress’s Prakash Mate defected to BJP while NCP corporator Kavita Jadhav along with her husband Bharat Jadhav have now pledged fresh loyalties to Peasants and Workers Party. The trend is unethical and immoral to say the least and reflects the deteriorating standards of politics. From top leaders to corporators, all calculate their interest in being in a political party and if they find better opportunities elsewhere, they betray their parties and pledge loyalties to another. There isn’t any leader in Navi Mumbai who hasn’t jumped from one political party to another and perhaps Ganesh Naik himself can be called the trendsetter as far as Navi Mumbai is concerned. Here is a look at the “party switchers” of Navi Mumbai.
Ganesh Naik : Shiv Sena, Shiv Shakti, NCP
Manda Mhatre : Congress, NCP, BJP
Vijay Chougule : Shiv Sena, NCP, Shiv Sena
Vaibhav Naik : Shiv Sena, NCP, Shiv Sena, BJP
Namdeo Bhagat : Congress, Shiv Sena
Shivram Patil : Shiv Sena, NCP, Shiv Sena
Vithal More : Shiv Sena, NCP, Shiv Sena
Kishore Patkar : NCP, Shiv Sena
Bharat Jadhav : BJP, NCP, PWP
Anant Sutar : Shiv Sena, NCP
Rangnath Auty : NCP, Congress, Shiv Sena
Sangeeta Sutar : Congress, BJP
Prakash Mate : Congress, BJP
Vilas Bhoir : Congress, Shiv Sena
These are just a few cases. There are worst cases in which corporators like NCP’s Ravindra Ithape announced defecting to BJP and then went back on their decision for financial gains. It’s a shame that corporators who are going to run for NMMC Elections think that by changing their parties, winning will become easier. In fact that isn’t the case. In Assembly Elections of Maharashtra and Delhi, politicians who changed parties lost elections. Unless corporators fulfill their electoral promises, people are not fools to but their stand of switching parties and loyalties. Corporators who often jump from one political side to another are in fact seen as people without any ethics, principles or moral values. With NMMC Elections being seen as more of an individual-driven election than party driven, unless the party betrayers win the polls, they will become white elephants for both the Shiv Sena and BJP.


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