onam-1Residents gave color once again to the city by observing the festival of Onam with aplomb and joy. Lets take a look. Verdant fields, emerald lagoons, coconut palms kissing the blue sky, sounds of mridangams reverberating in temples, kathakali dance-dramas enacting the legend of Mahabali, high-voltage boat races! One cannot witness this but feel the same thrill as Onam is being celebrated across the city. The celebrations of Onam once again added vigor to the city moods as the city celebrated the festival in traditional style. Onam is a time of festivities and sports in Kerala and this was reflected in the actions that were seen here. It is celebrated by people of all religions to commemorate the visit of King Mahabali to his homeland every year. It is the annual harvest festival of Kerala. There are many pujas that are held during these 10 days. Onam is a festival, which celebrates, utilizes nature’s gift. The most used in this festival are flowers. They also make colorful rangolis with flowers. A rangoli is made at the doorstep while the other is made inside the house. Although Onam is a harvest festival, the spirit of Onam is far more important as it propagates values of tolerance, brotherhood and unity. The festival reaffirms time-honored beliefs and values and portraying a secular aspect of India to the world. Life in metros often snatch away the leisure of celebrating festivals in their traditional flavor but there are still those who ensure that tradition and culture always be a part of life. With cameraperson Gyaneshwar Mali, Alok Pagare for Navi Mumbai News.


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