MCGM Commissioner Subodh Kumar blames Jairaj Phatak for Adarsh floor rise

In his affidavit filed at the Adarsh Commission panel, MCGM Commissioner Subodh Kumar has put the blame on former MCGM Chief Jairaj Phatak for allowing the Adarsh building to rise up to such heights. In his Subodh Kumar said the society’s members had met Jairaj Phatak in his chamber on October 14, 2009 and “pleaded” that while the high rise committee had given a no objection certificate for 97.60 metres based on the architectural designs, their structural design was for 103.40 metres. He said that the then municipal commissioner gave his approval and said that there was no need for a fresh NOC from the high-rise committee. Bureau report – NMTV News.


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