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Mitt Romney slams back at Obama for apologizing to the world on behalf of Americans

Mitt Romney, an American businessman and a politician, has been criticizing Barack Obama for insulting the super power of his position, by apologizing to the world for some of the acts carried out by the Americans. Romney also said that neither Obama had any faith nor belief in the strength of Americans and the reason for it can be (according to him) that since Obama comes from a mixed race background he is not American completely.

Not only Romney, but a lot others have been criticizing Obama for his apologetic act as a list had been taken out by Heritage Foundation, which went as ‘Barack Obama, Top 10 Apologies’ ‘How The President Has Humiliated A Superpower’

When Obama had answered a question to a reporter on whether he believes that Americans can lead the world or not, he replied that he believes in American exceptionalism, just as any country would believe in them. But Romney tells the world that it’s a way of saying that he does not believe it at all.

Watch out Mr. President for what you reply, since your oppositions are out to target you through your own words. Kiran Kidwai – International Desk, NMTV.

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