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Mitt Romney will have to win the votes from the Republicans first, before facing Obama

Some time back, there were some Republicans who did not like Romney at all, but since he seem to be in a better position to compete with Obama, they had to keep their feelings aside and stand with him. But now when Romney had been failing to create an impact among his supporters, the Republicans are having second thoughts on his abilities.

In any poll till now Obama has been leading the way, but when in the Midwest, the heart of the Republican, Obama was leading with an 11 point over Romney and 10 point over Santorum, the main doubt that must have disturbed any Republican supporter will be that forget Romney, will any other Republican stand a chance against Obama.

Romney will have to start a new case all over again against Obama in this election race, as the main pillar of his last case was of a weak economy, but now as Obama plans for a much better economy are unfolding, all the points that were working in his favor are leaving his side. Kiran Kidwai – International Desk, NMTV.


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