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MNS’s protest in Standing Committee exposes security threat to NMMC

When party workers of MNS entered NMMC Standing Committee last week; the incident shocked the entire corporators fraternity and exposed the administration’s failure to provide security in NMMC.

Last week MNS corporators barged in the NMMC Standing Committee meeting to stage protest against the potholes ridden roads. Members of the Standing Committee came down heavily on the administration for their lax attitude to handle the situation and even blamed the Chairman Ramesh Shinde for not taking administration to task on the issue. Raising concerns, NCP member Shivram Patil kept the issue of security in NMMC for discussions. In order to pacify the members, the Secretary of NMMC Chandrakant Deokar said that they have filed a complaint against the MNS members with the police.

However, not convinced with this, Shivram Patil questioned the Chairman whether he filed a FIR or not. Seeing her colleagues keep their concerns, NCP corporator Madhuri Sutar said that she saw the MNS drama on news and now fears the security of women corporators coming to NMMC. NCP member Ashok Gawde then questioned how the MNS members got bail within a day of NMMC registering a case against them. He questioned the role of the NMMC Secretary in the matter.

Shivram Patil too attacked the NMMC Secretary over the security lapses exposed in the incident. Shivram Patil criticized the Chairman for not acting sternly against the administration despite having the powers to do so. Seeing the pressure mounting on him, the Chairman Ramesh Shinde said that if there was no police bandobast outside the meeting hall of the Standing Committee in the next meeting, they will not hold the meeting. The MNS protest has exposed how pathetic the state of affairs is; as far as security at the NMMC HQ building is concerned. The NMMC HQ is situated in a VIP zone in Belapur and also houses the head office of the Konkan Railways. Another million dollar question is how come the MNS protestors could enter the Standing Committee meeting hall without being stopped by NMMC staff and security deputed outside the meetings hall each week? It is also unfortunate that the members of the NMMC Standing Committee did not show unity on the day the MNS incident happened and did not go together to file the complaint at the police station like they had done against opposition corporators when the mike was hurled at the Mayor during one of the General Body meetings in the past. With cameraperson Vinayak Dalvi, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.

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