road-affected-Messy, messier and messiest can easily describe the condition of the city just after the first showers. The first downpour of the season, accompanied by thunder and lightning made a mockery of official assurances about monsoon preparedness. Navi Mumbai News will daily bring to you what all city authorities have promised and not delivered. The entire city was disappointed when just a few hours after the first showers the so called planning and pre monsoon work assurances of NMMC fell felt on its face. As the rains hit the city harder, it rekindled the nightmarish memories of 26/7. With all civic work commencing so close to the arrival of the wet season, everything that Navi Mumbai News had predicted and residents had feared in our reports on May 20th has come true. Despite tall claims the NMMC has failed to meet any deadlines whatsoever. Even the pre monsoon work has not been completed as is obvious with open drains and overflowing drainages across the city. In a recent meet held to review the pre monsoon work, Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik had assured that NMMC will meet May 31 deadline but unfortunately the same has not happened. But despite the claims, with water clogging everywhere, most commuters reached home two to three hours late after a harrowing journey as both road and rail traffic was disrupted. The unfinished roadwork clogged drains and there were consequent traffic jams. Incomplete roads and uncleared debris in several areas made the movement of vehicular traffic difficult. The first showers exposed the hollow claims and false promises of being prepared for the monsoons by authorities and leaders.


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