sec-17-traffic-4Commuting between Macdonald’s to Cosmos Bank in Sector 17, Vashi has become a nightmare for motorists. Spats between two motorists is frequently seen and the root of the problem is the illegal garages run along these roads under the nose of NMMC and the traffic police, reports Navi Mumbai News Correspondent Rajeev Mishra. All the garages being run along the road from Macdonald’s to Cosmos Bank in Sector 17, and the road adjoining Telex and Radhika buildings in sector 17, Vashi are illegal. According to NMMC records there are no garages here and that they have been confiscating the tools of Mechanics doing minor repair works in front of the spare parts shops. In the past Navi Mumbai News highlighted that either NMMC claims are false or our camera has shot ghost pictures. Today, these garages repair vehicles on the road throughout the day. This blocks the road leading to constant traffic jam and chaos and on several occasion row between two motorists. In these visuals you can see, that cars parked in three consecutive lanes led to utter chaos and inconvenience to commuters. Despite this being a permanent problem, neither NMMC takes action against the illegal garages nor the Traffic Police takes action against erring motorists. Motorists say that if they ever park their vehicles on any other road, the Traffic Police is quick to take action then why do they not take cognizance of this serious problem. Navi Mumbai News spoke to ACP Traffic Nandkumar Chougele. According to him, his department always initiates action but will again look into the matter.


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