d-y-patil-clinic-5Under the guidance of Dr. Rashmin Cholera – the 1st memory clinic of Navi Mumbai has been inaugurated at the Dr. D Y Patil Hospital OPD Complex at Nerul. The clinic will provide totally free of cost medical services to the senior citizens. The clinic aims at providing all the medical services and facilities needed by senior citizens under one roof so that they need not face the trouble of visiting different clinics for different health related problems. Several senior citizens suffer from dementia – a memory related disorder. Though it is not a serious disease, it is feared to be, hence the name Memory Clinic has been given to the clinic here. Dr. Rashmin Cholera said that not only will senior citizens be treated here; they will be involved in several activities to boost their confidence and potential. Prominent doctors were present during the ceremony, which included Dr. Deepa Udyavar, Dr. Nilesh Shah, Dr. Pinto, Dr. Harish Shetty, Dr. Urvashi and Dr. Machiswala. Navi Mumbai News spoke to Dr. Rashmin Cholera. Dr. Urvashi stated that mental tension was a reason for dimentia while Dr. Nilesh Shah – who started the first memory clinic in Mumbai, threw light on the symptoms. When Navi Mumbai News Correspondent Vishwarath Nayar asked the psychiatry experts, whether the allopathic drugs being extensively used for better health care by elderly citizens led to dimentia or loss of memory, Dr. Machiswala, Dr. Nilesh Shah and Dr. Harish Shetty replied that there was no possibility or evidence of the same, Dr. Urvashi agreed that there could be reaction of the drugs in certain cases but certainly no indication of memory loss. Dr. Rashmin Cholera remarked that sensation is the driving force of journalism today and called upon journalists to stress on the adverse effects of tobacco and alcohol on memory loss, rather than making allopathic drugs a scapegoat that are a boon to human health care.


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