open-nallahs-3Today all crematoriums and graveyards in NMMC’s jurisdiction are reeling under highly pathetic conditions. With the increasing population of the city, there is an immediate need to introduce the electronic crematoriums in the city. The civic body has started the drive from the crematorium at Karave village. After 13 years, all the 20 crematoriums in the NMMC jurisdiction are reeling under pathetic conditions. While NMMC has started several drives to improve the conditions of the crematoriums, there is still a lot needed to be done on this front. The worry multiplies with the increasing population of the city by the day. To address these burning issues, NMMC has come up with the plan of converting the crematoriums to electronic crematoriums. After studying the all the classes of the settlers in the city, NMMC has installed the first electronic crematorium at Karave village. While the system will make the process pollution free, the system will can be easily availed to as well. Whatever remains after the entire process is completed, will be too attended to scientifically. For Nerul, the NMMC is planning to start two electronic crematoriums that will be built with an expenditure of Rs. 1.5 Crores. Seeing the response to these, the NMMC will then plan the stalling of the electronic crematoriums in other nodes. The response from city residents however, is a wait and watch.


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