reservation--2The deadlock over the OBC reservation continued on the 15th day on Sunday as yet another round of negotiations between the striking medicos and the government remained inconclusive. Representatives of the striking students and doctor’s marathon meeting failed to deliver the “desired results”. The government is harping on the same stand and it has not budged an inch from its rigid stand and so the talks are inconclusive. Students have asked for a written assurance as a concrete measure on their demands from Prime Minister Manmohan Singh but that not been given. The government is yet to deliberate on the issue. The charter of demands comprise setting up of a non-political judicial committee to review the existing reservation policy, number of general category seats not to be disturbed a white paper on reservation, exclusion of “OBC creamy layer from reservation”, quota for economically backward and no action against the striking doctors and students. The Prime Minister reportedly has told the 10-member delegation of the students and doctors that he foresaw a massive expansion in capacities of higher education system. He said the technical experts groups being set up under the Oversight Committee would examine ways and means of expanding the capacities. On May 23, the center has decided to implement in letter and spirit the 93rd Constitutional Amendment enabling 27 per cent reservation for OBCs in higher educational institutions. In a show of strength against the Government on OBC reservation, the striking doctors and medical students held a protest rally in Delhi which was attended by more than 20,000 anti-reservation activists from across the country including activists from Navi Mumbai. A few days ago a protest rally was taken out from MBP, Mahape as well. To find out what is the say of Navi Mumbaikars on the reservation issue we went out on the streets of the city. Majority Navi Mumbaikars believe that indeed, reservation quota is killing meritocracy.


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