traffic-chaos-4Despite installation of traffic signals and strict measures being undertaken, the city’s prime nodes are facing congestion problem and utter traffic chaos especially during peak hours. Citing the tower culture that has hit the city, Dy. Regional Transport Officer says that this has intensified traffic problems in the city. The spree of demolishing old CIDCO dilapidated buildings to erect towers on main roads of the city is leading to perennial congestion. The RTO office has strongly disapproved of the same. In a recent seminar Dy. RTO Purshottam Nikam voiced the same and said that permissions to construct towers such towers should not be given. Another important point that he put forth was that the public transport systems were not at all efficient. Citing the example of APMC market he said that there is chaotic planning in Navi Mumbai. There is a need to introduce categorized parking where vehicles like trucks, four-wheelers, two-wheelers and the likes should be allotted specific space. On the other hand, the Navi Mumbai traffic police has other plans to address traffic problems. To begin with 50 officers from the Navi Mumbai Police Commissionerate have been sent to the traffic police dept to curb the traffic issues. The Navi Mumbai traffic department has suggested that the storm water drains could be covered and converted it into parking zones. The city traffic authorities have also appealed to town planning authorities to ensure that developers allot ample parking spaces within their projects, more so if they are mass housing societies or shopping complexes and malls. This would help reduce the congestion on public roads. ACP Chougele added that they have decided to introduce the jammer system wherein the cars parked illegally would be jammed where parked. There would be no need to tow them away and the respective owners of the cars would have to pay Rs 200 as fine. There are also plans to installs invertors at prominent traffic signals so that even during power cuts the signals work.


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