NMMC Chief Ramaswamy orders demolition of a multi-purpose building in sector 14 Vashi


Municipal commissioner Ramaswamy N has ordered the demolition of a multi-purpose three-storey building being built in sector 14 of Vashi by the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NNMC).

The order comes after Ramaswamy visited the spot on Tuesday and found the under-construction building substandard and pointed out some defects. “The poor quality was obvious. The civic body is paying the contractor for the building. Hence there will not be any compromise on the quality,” he said.

The contractor will have to pay the cost while the engineer would be held responsible for allegedly overlooking the defects.

The building was being construction on plot number 4 and 5. The NMMC was to spend Rs5.59 crore on it. It gave the contract to a company for Rs7 crore. The civic directed the contractor to construct the building in 24 months. However, the contractor repeatedly took extensions and work has not been completed yet.

The civic chief has ordered an inquiry against the engineer. “The issue came to the fore during an inspection. The commissioner then took the officials to task and questioned them for their negligence,” said a civic source.

“The building’s pillars have weakened. The contractor had used iron pillars to support the building. This further infuriated the commissioner. He asked the officials how the pillars that couldn’t take the load of the building during construction, survive once the building is ready and occupied,” said the source.

He ordered that the building be demolished and a new construction be undertaken in its place.