NMMC contractor’s shoddy job exposed at Meentai Thackarey garden at sector 17, Vashi

Despite over seven months now, the beautification of the Meenatai Thackrey garden at Sector 17 Vashi is yet to be completed by the NMMC contractor. The work was to be completed in four months but today rather than beautified, garden has become bad to worse.

The Meenatai Thackrey garden at Sector 17 Vashi is the only garden that this node boosts of. Unlike other sectors in Vashi, in sector 17, this is the only garden where senior citizens can come and spend their leisure time, children can come and play in the evening, and walkers and joggers can take their daily walks. With the garden reeling under pathetic condition, NMMC had floated a tender for the beautification of this garden. In the month of Fenruary, the NMMC Standing Committee had passed the proposal for the beautification work of the Meenatai Thackarey garden. The contract was awarded to M/s K G Mhatre at a cost of Rs. 18, 40, 080. The contract was to be completed in 4 months. Later in the month, a special ceremony was held to inaugurate the commencement of this beautification work where the garden was to undergo renovation at a total cost of Rs 25 lakhs, Rs. 18, 40, 080 from NMMC while the remaining from the corporator funds of local corporator Sampat Shewale. While the deadline of the completion was four months, it’s over seven months now and no beautification work has commenced in the garden. Infact situation have gone from bad to worse as NMMC has placed the new pavement blocks on the jogging track for two months now, grass has overgrown to the T and no work has been started in the last so many months.

Residents of the area who have the leisure of this one garden are today a grieved lot. They say that the condition of the garden is very bad with broken benches and no way for walking. Right adjacent to the garden is the Deshbhakt Babu Genu ground which was the only ground for the children for this sector to play but that too is overgrown with grass. Residents blame the local corporator for not following up the matter diligently.

One of the residents even alleged that earlier the garden was in good condition and needed only the walking track to be fixed but the benches and the path were purposely broken to take out work in the garden. Sector 17, Vashi is known as a posh node of Navi Mumbai, flanked with several commercial establishments and residential complexes. The Meenatai Thackarey garden is the only green space that the residents have but looking at the apathy of the local corporator and NMMC, seems like the citizens will have to wait much longer than expected to get their clean and green garden back. With cameraperson Deepak Kamble, Bureau report for NMTV News.


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