NMMC declares new list of dilapidated buildings across Navi Mumbai


After adding another 143 structures this year (2017-18), that are falling under various categories of being dangerous and unsafe, the civic body has compiled a list of a total 315 structures that have been termed as dangerous or dilapidated between 2015 and 2017.”The list has been prepared after compiling the structural audit reports submitted by societies to town planning department. A few societies had submitted their report directly to the civic headquarters. These, along with past two years’ data has led to the total of 315 structures,” said civic chief, Dr N Ramaswami.

NMMC has classified structures under four categories. C-1 has been termed extremely dangerous and unfit for staying, C-2A as where owner needs to vacate for undertaking repair works, C-2B where vacating is not required for repairs and C-3 type needs minor repairs only.Falling under the extremely dangerous category this year are 14 structures. “These are absolutely rundown with no scope of being repaired and have to be razed by the owners. The concerned ward offices will be issuing notice to the C-1 category residents to vacate the premises immediately,” said an official from encroachment department.

The total number of structures listed under dilapidated or dangerous this year is more compared to last two years. One of reasons for the increase in such structures is the inclusion of several Cidco constructed buildings and government quarters, said officials.
“As per the survey report occupants continue to risk their lives by living in these structures. We have intimated the police and will cut their water supply and electricity,” said additional civic chief, Ankush Chavan.