Yet another report from the NMMC Headquarters reflects poorly on the Health Dept. You will be shocked to know that the dept. has no first aid facility. Something that came to light when our Correspondent Rajeev Mishra was hit and left unattended to at the Headquarters. When Navi Mumbai News Correspondent Rajeev Mishra was hit in a minor accident outside NMMC HQ at Belapur, he approached the security to know where to get first aid who sent him to NMMC Health Dept. on the 8th Floor. But at the 8th floor the incident exposed another shameful face of the NMMC Health Dept. The dept has no first aid facilities. A building of public importance that sees 100s of citizens visiting the office for their work, it came as a shock that not only was there no first aid facility at NMMC HQ but the doctor in charge on the 8th floor, Dr. Paropkari went on to say that with two hospitals in the vicinity, what is the need to have a first aid facility at NMMC. Well, may be you did not believe what you just heard but its true. An officer and public servant sitting on such a responsible and accountable post makes such a loose statement. That too when there are strictures for first aid facilities given to all government offices and especially those with public importance to follow. Nearly two years ago, a visitor had lost his life when he suffered a minor attack at NMMC HO and despite several doctors including Dr. Pattiwar being present in the building, the man died due to absence of medical and first aid on time. When the death of citizen could not wake up the conscience of NMMC doctors, we expect nothing else ever will. With cameraperson Gyaneshwar Mali, Rajeev Mishra for Navi Mumbai News.


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