nmmc-website-6The brainchild of former Municipal Commissioner Sunil Soni, the NMMC website was launched with the aim of providing all information pertaining to NMMC to the residents of cosmopolitan city Navi Mumbai and making it the forum for all public grievances and complaints. However, as of today not only is the website not providing complete information, it is also misguiding many by providing wrong information. If you want find out more about your area’s civic authority NMMC through there website, think again. When an alert citizen surfing Navi Mumbai News official website visited the official website of NMMC viz. through the link on our website, they immediately called our office to inform the incorrect and incomplete information on NMMC official website. The errors begin with the introduction page where it says that there are 64 electoral wards in NMMC jurisdiction where as there are 90 wards and in one year’s time the corporation has not found time to update it. Besides this, there are no names on the page to provide complete information about Standing Committee members and their contact numbers. On the page that should provide information about the Standing Committee’s chairman’s contact number, it says NA that means not applicable. Despite so much to its credit, the city’s photo gallery on the website too is a pathetic site with even the photographs on landmarks of VBA not uploaded. Yet another embarrassing blunder on the website is the information on the Opposition Leader of NMMC. The present opposition leader is Congress’s Dashrath Bhagat while the website misinforms by listing NCP corporator Ratna Vishwasrao as the Opposition Leader. The NMMT chairman is still Iqbal Kavare, though the chairmen have changed thrice after that. Even other details like names of ward committee chairman and various departments’ chairmen are all wrong. In its latest environmental report released by NMMC, it has been stated that the corporation has a web page since 2003 and it is possible to register complaints on this page and obtain information but unfortunately the website that connects millions across the globe to satellite city Navi Mumbai is totally misinforming and embarrassing.


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