The first Standing Committee meeting of the NMMC as Chairman Sandeep Naik took charge of the committee chief for the third consecutive term saw the subject of pre monsoon work dominating the discussions. Coming down heavily on the NMMC administration, Chairman Sandeep Naik said that this time if citizens face any inconvenience due to administration’s negligence it will not be tolerated and action will be taken against the erring officials. After two terms, Sandeep Naik slipped into the role of the Standing Committee Chairman for the third consecutive term with utmost ease. The meeting held was dominated with the discussion of the pre monsoon work and disaster management work that NMMC has planned for this year. The Chairman opened the subject for discussion by inviting members to talk on it. Sudhakar Sonawane said that the administration had not implemented the instructions giving by the committee in the marathon meetings held at ward office level in January this year. Namdeo Bhagat raised some significant points. This included whether NMMC administration had conducted a study of the flood prone areas and flooding pattern in the city and taken needed steps to tackle them this year. He also questioned whether the corporation had de-silted the main city channels? Namdeo Bhagat sarcastically attacked the NMMC Commissioner Vijay Nahata that they had seen the Commissioner’s photographs in media on the subject of disaster management hinting at administration’s attempt to get publicity on the subject. Completely irked by this remark of Namdeo Bhagat, Commissioner VN justified the administration meet with the media on disaster management stating that as the Commissioner it was his duty to inform the citizens of the preparations NMMC has done for monsoon this year. Completely angered by Namdeo Bhagat’s remark, the Commissioner left the meeting soon after, following which Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik concluded the meeting. In his concluding remarks, the Chairman first invited all corporators to write to him on the issues that could create problem this monsoon. He went on recall the marathon meeting he had conducted at ward levels in January this year to ensure that the pre-monsoon work were successfully executed. But hinting at how the NMMC administration did not take the January meetings seriously, the Chairman gave the example of debris and said that despite giving administration the powers, debris continued to haunt Navi Mumbai. He reprimanded the administration stating that they were inviting problems. Chairman Sandeep Naik said that despite giving the administration everything they were not working. He gave the example of last year when trenches were being dug way past the May deadline due to internal communication gap of officials that led to inconvenience to citizens. The Chairman concluded by stating that this time they will not tolerate any administrative blunder and see to it that action was taken against erring officials. He said and I quote, “Its time you started doing what you boast off” unquote. Speaking to NMTV News, the Chairman reiterated the same. The NMMC Standing Committee Chairman said that this time he will physically visit the city beginning next week to ensure a smooth monsoon for citizens this year. With cameraperson Abhay Prasad, Zeba Warsia for NMTV News.


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