dmc-3Yet once again setting the right examples of effective administrative work, DMC Santosh Pardesi has sealed 9 shops and disconnected water supply to 6 influential defaulters. Abiding by orders of his Commissioner to take strict action against defaulters with the aim of increasing NMMC’s revenue, DMC Santosh Pardesi once again came down heavily on defaulters, this time at Digha where he sealed 9 shops. The DMC has also cut water supply connections to 6 influential water bill defaulters at Airoli. Nearly Rs. 23 Crores is the amount the NMMC is yet to get from water bill defaulters. To ensure that this figure does not increase and defaulters do not take defaulting lightly in the absence of any action against them, the NMMC has begun this drive. This is not the first time that DMC Santosh Pardesi has taken his boss’s directives seriously. In fact every time any directive involves taking action against the rich and mighty defaulters, it is only DMC Santosh Pardesi who does not deter from taking action. Another example of the noteworthy work he is doing was in the case of D Mart. We posed the same question to Commissioner Vijay Nahata in a recent interview. It is worth a wait and watch when the other DMCs will take a few lessons from DMC Santosh Pardesi and prove that all are the same in the eyes of the law and administration. With cameraperson Vikrant Baile and inputs from Zeba Warsia, Rajeev Mishra for Navi Mumbai News.


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