NMMC to appoint consultant for its ambitious Sewerage Treatment Plants

The NMMC has approved a proposal to appoint a consultant for its ambitious Sewerage Treatment plants in order to ensure revenue income from these STPs. The proposal was approved at the NMMC General Body meeting but only after the ruling NCP corporator M K Madhvi questioning the Mayor the need for such a proposal.

The second NMMC General Body meet held this week once again exposed the indifferences within the ruling NCP party. After NCP corporator Shivram Patil protesting against the NCP led NMMC administration for failing to bring the proposal for Sixth Pay Commissioner for contract cleaning workers in the city, it was the turn of corporator M K Madhvi to raise doubts against the NMMC administration for bringing a proposal for a consultant to the NMMC’s ambitious Sewerage Treatment Plants. The proposal presented in the General Body pertained to appointed a consultant for the STP which will derive ways for revenue income from these plants. However, the moment the proposal was brought for approval, corporator M K Madhvi strongly protested against the appointment of consultant stating that if NMMC needs consultant for selling the treated water from these plants, then why do they need corporators in NMMC.

He added that when the proposal was brought earlier for approval, it was sent back to the administration seeking revision. But the administration failed to do so and has submitted the same proposal, he said.

With M K Madhvi’s allegations, the opposition got an open ground to attack the NCP led NMMC administration where the Opposition Leader Manoj Haldankar protested the proposal and praised M K Madnvi for raising his voice. When DMC Surendra Patil gave his the administration’s justification for appointing the consultant, then M K Madhvi once again protested saying that the administration was bluntly lying. The same was alleged by him to the media. However, NMMC Leader of the House Vithal More showed complete support to the proposal and said that the proposal was much needed.

On the other hand, NMMC Commissioner Bhaskar Wankhede too gave clarity on the proposal to the media. The Mayor Sagar Naik during the allegations being made by M K Madhvi asked him to sit down and the proposal was passed in the meeting. With cameraperson Vinayak Dalvi, Monika Bhosale for NMTV News.


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