nmmt-1Call it the NMTV impact. After we aired the report on the failed electronic ticketing machine introduced by NMMT, the public transport undertaking has started training sessions for their conductors. Based on the technology used in Kolhapur and Pune, NMMT had introduced the use of Electronic Ticketing Machines for issuing tickets faster and also to lay to rest the concerns of revenue stolen due to lack of transparency. However due to lack of training, the machines slowly became a painstaking experience for conductors as well as the commuters. Taking cognizance of our report, NMMT has started training sessions for their conductors. NMMT had bought 300 ETM for 1300 drivers and conductors from Tapi InfoTech Company in Pune. A frequent problem that conductors faced with the machines is that it hung frequently and that it had to be re-started. For the same they would often need the help of a technical engineer. While NMMT has already Rs. 4 Crores 50 Lakh of your taxes on these machines, they had failed to study its shortcomings and are still striving to sought solutions to the new problems. But despite the failures, the public transport undertaking is on its way to buy another 240 ETM from another Rs. 5 crores of your taxes. With cameraperson Ravi Nikam, Sudhir Sharma for Navi Mumbai News.


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