NMTV Impact! Standing Committee Chairman gains courage to tell senior NCP corporators to behave with discipline in meetings

There has been NMTV impact again. After we reported about the indiscipline conduct of senior NCP corporators in NMMC Standing Committee meetings off late, sources reveal that Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik called for a meeting with NCP corporators in the standing committee. Chairman Ramesh Shinde too mustered courage to tell NCP corporators Anant Sutar and Shivram Patil to behave with discipline and so was seen in this week’s Standing Committee meet.

In the Standing Committee of last week, the conduct of senior corporators of NCP Anant Sutar and Shivram Patil shocked everyone. They use foul language, criticized, hit out and insulted Chairman Ramesh Shinde. Under the pretext of irregular meetings and less proposals on the agenda, Shivram Patil and Anant Sutar blamed Ramesh Shinde for being a failed Chairman of the Standing Committee. The meeting started with Anant Sutar’s taunt at Ramesh Shinde.

He questioned Ramesh Shinde whether there was a dearth of issues in Navi Mumbai. Indirectly accepting that they were using insulting language against the Chairman Ramesh Shinde. Anant Sutar said that Ramesh Shinde’s conductance as Chairman forced them to talk to him in such language. Anant Sutar continued his tirade against the Chairman saying once a very important meeting of NMMC, the Standing Committee has today becoming an eating-drinking get together of corporators. He said that the standards of the meeting have touched rock bottom. Continuing from where Anant Sutar stopped, Shivram Patil said that Ramesh Shinde has failed to take up the issue of the rights of the Standing Committee with the general body in NMMC.

Shivram Patil went on to question the decision of his party’s high commands in Navi Mumbai to make Ramesh Shinde, the Chairman. Using derogatory language, Shivram Patil accused Ramesh Shinde of calling off meetings even when cats and dogs die. Shivram Patil continued the insult against Ramesh Shinde by saying that he would be remembered as the Chairman in whose tenure the performance would be rated as “zero”. Seeing how his party corporators were attacking, blaming, insulting and taunting him – Ramesh Shinde broke his silence and questioned whether Shivram Patil was playing the role of the opposition in the Standing Committee.

Post our report, sources reveal that Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik called a meeting of all NCP corporators in the Standing Committee. Both Anant Sutar and Shivram Patil remained absent in this meeting but the message reached them loud and clear – that the big boss was unhappy with their conduct in the Standing Committee. According to sources, the Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik also gave orders to Chairman Ramesh Shinde to disallow those corporators from speaking in meetings who misbehave with the Chairman. And the impact was this :

In the meeting held this week, both Anant Sutar and Shivram Patil remained silent throughout the meeting. They knew better than speaking against the Chairman or misbehaving with him. As the meeting was going to end, NCP corporator Shivram Patil did try to speak, but the Chairman silenced him by declaring that the meeting has ended.

Speaking to us post the meeting, the Chairman Ramesh Shinde said that unlike allegations of his party corporators, no work in Navi Mumbai had stopped. This time taunting at Anant Sutar and Shivram Patil, Ramesh Shinde said that some people always think they are right and this attitude needs to change. When asked that there was discipline in this week’s meeting, the Chairman said that he told senior corporators the same thing prior to the meeting and that is why senior corporators behaved properly in this week’s Standing Committee meeting.

Better late than never ! Whatever the reason be, it is a welcome sign to see that finally the senior corporators of NCP in NMMC Standing Committee has corrected themselves. These corporators who were bullying their Chairman have understood that their conduct was tarnishing the image of the party and insulting the sanctity of Standing Committee meetings. With cameraperson Vinayak Dalvi, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.


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