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No peace for the Iraqis as the country witnesses yet one of those terrorizing days

It has been seven months since the US military officials had left Iraq, but still the people of Iraq aren’t able to live in peace yet. Since the US officials have left and because of a weak government the militants of Al-Qaida are trying to set a strong hold on the country and so ever since December, Iraq has been witnessing number of shootings and bombing that has disrupted its peace and economy. But Monday would be marked the worst among all those.

Monday had been filled with continuous shooting and bombing in 15 cities within a few hours of each other,that resulted in the death of at least 106 people so far. The targets of Al Qaida have always been at security forces and government offices.

‘Al Qaida is trying to send a message that it is still strong and can choose the time and place to attack. The weaknesses in Iraq’s ability to gather intelligence about terror plots, or stop them despite security checkpoints have shown how toothless the government is in protecting its people’ as stated by Shiite lawmaker Hakim Al-Zamili, a member of parliament’s security and defence committee. Kiran Kidwai – International Desk, NMTV

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