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No promising face to represent post of Chief Minister from Congress side might be the failing factor in Vidhan Sabha elections 2012

Congress despite being one of the strongest candidate, despite the charm and aggressiveness from the Congress youth power, Rahul Gandhi, despite a face and promises and efforts shown by Priyanka Gandhi that clearly had reflection of her grandmother’s Indira Gandhi, despite of woman power Sonia Gandhi addressing the people even after bad health, still loss badly in the elections.

Despite having the strongest factors, despite being a face that people like to hear and follow and admire yet Congress lost. No matter what ever promises the leaders of the party had done, the one place that they failed to secure their hold could also be that Congress did not represent any face that would have been in power if they win. At the end of the day its not Rahul’s charm or Priyanka’s promises or trust of Sonia Gandhi, for a voter its more important that if they are giving their vote than who is coming in power. And when Congress had not even announced any face yet how was it possible for the people to vote for an unidentified name that would be in charge of being in power.

Hence, after all the ‘efforts’ and all the ‘despite s’ Congress failed maybe on one ground and that they did not represent a face and name that could have won the trust of the voters that if in power it could have brought revolution and promising changes in their lives. Kiran Kidwai – International Desk, NMTV


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