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North Korea ready to break all agreements with US and UN Security Council to carry on its space mission

North Korea’s rocket launch proved to be a big failure but in carrying on its planned schedule, it has spoilt all its relations with US and the UN Security Council. North Korea has accused that US has been leading a campaign against the country that has halt their right to develop defense and space programs. North Korea foreign ministry stated that it is breaking all agreements that it had carried on with US in February and now US will be wholly accountable for all the ensuing consequences.

No matter whoever North Korea accuses of standing against them but its actions have aroused serious discussions from the UN. On Monday, UN Security Council had directed its sanctions committee to strengthen penalties against the country on grounds that by carrying on its rocket launch it has violated resolutions that prohibited North Korea from ballistic missile and nuclear activity. Kiran Kidwai – International Desk, NMTV

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