Now towing vehicles to have information board

Generally when your car is towed, you have no information of which towing van has seized or locked your vehicle, you have no idea from where you have to collect back your vehicle. However, now the Traffic Control department has come up with an information board on the towing vehicles.

The Traffic department’s towing vehicles take a round of the city to seize or lock vehicles which are parked in no parking zones. Generally, the trouble for these vehicle owners was that they had no idea which towing van has seized their vehicle and where they can retrieve them. However, now the Navi Mumbai Traffic Control Department has come up with a new plan where information boards will be put on the towing vehicles. The information board will include the name of the chowki where the towing van belongs, who is the contractor, the name of the officer concerned, the name plate of the towing van. The step has been welcomed by citizens. The department has also included a helpline number on the information board where citizens can launch any complaints that they have against the towing vehicle.

So while the Traffic Control department has brought in steps to ease the difficulty of vehicle drivers, we say, follow rules and do not park in No Parking Zone so that you can contribute in maintaining traffic discipline in the city. With cameraperson Santosh Bodhare, Gangasingh Rajpurohit for NMTV News.

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