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Obama taking stakes with Muslim Brotherhood on a peaceful note continues

Three years back, President Obama had taken a bet, which none of the other candidates had succeeded in doing. And that was an outreach towards the Muslim Brotherhood peaceful intentions.

Obama had given a speech in Cairo three years back that had earned him respect and dignity not only from the members of Muslim Brotherhood but also from his people.
While addressing in Cairo, Obama stated “America respects the rights of all peaceful and law abiding voices to be heard around the world, even if we disagree with them. And we will welcome all elected peaceful governments, provided they govern with respect for all their people. Suppressing ideas never succeeds in making them go away.”

Even after what can be called the anti American element present in this community, Obama had taken a big bet in his belief that things change when you try to change them. Although it is believed that the Brotherhood speaks a different meaning of democracy itself, but Obama believes that Brotherhood will learn democracy only when given a chance to do it. And Obama continues to work at what he beliefs, thus opening new chapters between the relationship of America and Muslim Brotherhood. Kiran Kidwai – International Desk, NMTV.


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