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Obama’s administration targets at cruise ship lines, a part of their anti- pollution programs

Every other large ship have been brought under scanner on the amount of air pollution that has been causing by them. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, these ships emit an amount of sulphur dioxide as much as would 13.1 million cars. In order to curb the rising pollution Obama’s administration has laid restriction for any ship within 200 miles off the coasts of the United States and Canada to burn cleaner fuel.

For so long these giant like ships had been moving around unnoticed, but now when the EPA has launched new restrictions, they are being opposed widely by the cruise company and many law makers who are arguing on these restrictions further stating that with no other options left they will have to raise the cost of the vacationers and the Alaskans who have to travel frequently on ocean going vessels for basic foodstuffs. But now the National Association of Clean Air Agencies are determined to find solutions for these sleeping giants which are burning fuel with 2000 times or more the amount of sulphur used by trucks, locomotives, construction equipment and small marine vessels, and has been termed as the dirtiest means of transport on US waters. Kiran Kidwai – International Desk, NMTV

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