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Obama’s Body Man Plans to Leave His Side by the End of the Year

He might be referred as the body man by everyone, but Obama refers him as his younger brother. Reggie Love, a leading player of Duke Blue Devil’s basket ball team, had started off his career as a staff assistant, going higher to becoming Obama’s personal assistant and now who is better known as the Body man.

A figure of 6 foot 4 inch, Reggie was termed as one of the loyalists who is seen in most of the backgrounds of Obama’s official snaps, who always worked on keeping the president on schedule and besides work had always been treated as a basketball buddy by Obama. Reggie Love has stated to leave Obama’s side by the end of the year but the administration has yet not confirmed the news. As Obama stats that many of the long term advisers has left the office , this will be one place which will be hard for him to fill in.

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