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Obama’s election campaign takes a strong lead against the Republicans

With days nearing the elections Obama and his team are laying strong foundations of what they have been preaching so far in this election and in a way that couldn’t be pointed or matched by the Republicans.

According to a Washington Post analysis of campaign spending reports on ground work the Democrats have outnumbered the Republicans nearly with a ratio of three to one. Before campaigning at Las Vegas Obama and his team members first made their strong commitment felt among the voters when they opened 18 field offices in the city and with no competition at all as the Republicans could make way only with three. Obama since the beginning has been a person who believes in person to person interaction while Mitt Romney and team believes more in advertising and stock piling funds. Maybe that would be the reason that Obama has a support of around 200 people organising volunteers whereas Mitt Romney have a support of almost 40 workers.

Putting up field offices definitely can be an expensive and hard work which shows that Obama’s team are ready to spend as much as is required for their believers and supporters, but what does Romney have to say for the Democrats work, ‘ We are a little wiser in spending money than the other side, I am not managing their campaign for them, but we are going to spend our money wisely. We are going to spend it to win’. Kiran Kidwai – International Desk, NMTV

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