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Obama’s Impressive personality and back up of loyal supporters give tough competition to the opponents

Under Obama’s presidency, the American economy has seen the worst as the number of poor people has increased at an alarming rate, unemployment and decline in housing facilities has seen huge rise and for the first time in America’s history the credit rating has show a terrible downgrade. Of all these things still Obama’s presidency is giving his opponents a battle which they had not even expected.

Obama’s supporters have neither budged nor left his side at all despite the conditions of the economy. This definitely proves that the impressive and promising persona of the American president and the loyalty of his supporters secure him in a strong and enviable position in the coming presidential race in 2012. And with the falling of the Republicans leaders one after another it is quite obvious to everybody that Obama is the only candidate that is standing on the favorable stands of choices. Kiran Kidwai – International Desk, NMTV.

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