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Coronavirus comes to the rescue of Earth’s Ozone layer

The outbreak of CORONAVIRUS pandemic glimmers rays of hope as global lockdowns, quarantines and restrictions are not proving to be bad after all.

The fear and panic over the spread of coronavirus is paying off as the much-spoken depletion of the the Earth’s protector, The Ozone layer is now on track as signs of restoration are being reciprocated and the Ozone has finally started healing itself.

Few months back from today preserving the ozone layer and combating its depletion was one of the major global concerns.

Ozone known to be our planet’s sunscreen in protecting life from the ultra-violent radiations of the Sun, succumbed through human interactions and man-made activities had drastically worsened and deteriorated.
Man’s irresponsible behaviour in punching harrmful emissions and gases up the ozone layer developed a hole in itself causing serious health, environment and climate change problems.

But as said nature has a way of healing itself and with the Coronavirus crisis being globally palpable to the extent of posing vague threat to humanity’s existence it has rather had unintended positive effects of restoring and balancing the environment and the nature.

With global lockdown and decrease in use of vehicles, productions, emissions and carbon footprints the Earth’s protective ozone layer is finally healing as damages to the Ozone layer above Antarctica has substantially recovered and the ozone hole is shrinking making its way to recovery. This development is rather an achievement as it will clog severe problems of humanity in curbing the imbalance in climatic conditions, reducing health related diseases and majorly reversing some troubling changes in air currents around the Southern Hemisphere.

The credit for the decline in the depletion of the Ozone and its restoration majorly goes to the Montreal Protocol which was signed by numerous countries to unitedly identify and reduce Ozone depleting substances as those emitted by refrigerators and air conditioners, industrial solvents and bring about a decline in Ozone’s depletion.

The Montreal Protocol backed by Coronavirus crisis has managed to reverse the man-made abuse and depletion caused to the Earth’s protective shield. Countries must ensure similar decline in mass emissions and observe the same practice after coming back to normalcy and undertake robust action to reduce the emission of ozone depleting substances and carbon footprints and thus protect Earth’s protector from being depleted.




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