Parking menace haunts residents of sector 10 Vashi

Parking problem has now reached the NMMC hospital where parking of vehicles of the relatives’ family has become a huge concern.

Now parking problems has reached the NMMC hospital at Vashi where due to shortage of space, ambulances and vehicles of doctors and staff is becoming a problem. Not just that the vehicles of relatives and families’ of the patients are not allowed to park their vehicles inside the premises of the hospital because of which several cars are parked outside the hospital. This has become a huge parking menace in sector 10 because while several vehicles are parked outside, there is also a school in the vicinity. During School hours, buses travel to and fro from this road and the parking on both sides of the road has created a chaotic situation. Vehicle drivers stressed the need for proper parking for the vehicles.

On the other hand, the Chief Medical Officer of NMMC, Dr. Deepak Paropkari agreed that while private vehicles were not allowed to be parked inside the hospital premises, he added that there was a lot of space behind the hospital for parking. He informed that the decision of not parking private vehicles was taken by the hospital as once a parent of the nearby school had parked his car inside the hospital. With cameraperson Santosh Bodhare, Sonam Dhepe for NMTV News.


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