People’s power wins ! Anna Hazare ends hunger strike as government kneels down to agree demands

If a couple of months ago, you would have asked the aam admi whether he believed that the Indian system could be cleansed of corruption. The majority would say “no, never!” But ask them today and you will get a different answer.

This new belief and hope that India too can become free from corruption comes from the man who proved to the world, that every time the nation needs, there is a Gandhi to stand up for the people. And in modern India, the name of this Gandhian is Anna Hazare ! The social crusader who has such influence and power on the masses and classes in India that it will put even the man sitting in the most powerful political office of the country to shame, leave alone other politcians.

Anna Hazare has won in the battle against the government. The social crusader ended his 12 day fast with a glass of honeyed coconut water at the hands of children. He however, did give a warning to the government that he will resume his fast if an effective law in the form of Jan Lokpal bill is not instituted to deal with corruption and mis-governance.

It is clear that the Congress government failed in estimating the power that the new star of the public in India Anna Hazare has on the citizens of the country. The way the 74-years-old social activist received support from citizens across India and Indians living in countries across the world left the government sweating and forced the Indian parliament to pass an unprecedented resolution in support of Anna Hazare’s demands.

What followed after Anna ended his strike has put the government to even more shame. Thousands of people came out on roads to celebrate the victory of the people’s power in a democracy. While headlines splashed across newspapers and news channels all over the world. Corruption in India was reported in these reports that put the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi led UPA government to global shame.

The Congress’s biggest blunder was to call Anna Hazare corrupt and put him in jail on August 16. Failing to prove their allegations of corruption against Anna Hazare and putting a 74 years old citizen behind bars, angered citizens and perhaps gave an impetus to the Anna Hazare hunger strike much more that what could have been otherwise.

What followed is history and made history too as the parliament was forced to in-principle agree to three of Anna Hazare’s key demands: that anti-corruption Act should be appointed in all regional states, and not just at the centre; that the entire bureaucracy should be covered by the new anti-corruption law, and not just senior officials; and that there should be a citizens’ charter for redressing public grievances against the administration.

As Anna wins another battle for the people of India, the country has been injected with a new hope of a new beginning that will bring an end to corruption. As for those who are damning the Anna campaign saying that we are sending the wrong message to the world. Get your thoughts right. We did not. After all how many other countries can take pride in the fact, that they had a Mahatma Gandhi then and a Anna Hazare now !


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