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PM Narendra Modi launches the Digital India initiative

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday launched the Digital India initiative at the launch of the ‘Digital Week’ in New Delhi with the aim of bringing the 1.2 billion Indian population online. The event witnessed domestic and overeas corporates committing over Rs 4.5 lakh to the initiative that has the potential to create 18 lakh jobs in the next few years. Digital IndiaThis included a Rs 2.5 crore pledge by Mukesh Ambani, with plans to invest in IT and electronics projects that may see over five lakh new jobs created. Other corporates that pitched in with an investment committment were Vedanta Resources Plc, Wipro, Bharti Airtel, Airbus, Delta Electronics and so on.

In his speech at the Digital Week launch yesterday, Modi listed out 17 dreams that he has seen for a digitised India:

1) I dream of a digital India where high-speed ‘Digital Highways’ unite the nation

2) … where 1.2 billion connected Indians drive Innovation

3) … where knowledge is strength – and empowers the people

4) … where access to information knows no barriers

5) … where the government is open and governance transparent

6) … where technology ensures the citizen-government interface is incorruptible

7) … where government services are easily and efficiently available to citizens on mobile devices

8) … where the government proactively engages with the people through social media

9) … where quality education reaches the most inaccessible corners driven by digital learning

10) … where quality healthcare percolates right up to the remotest regions powered by e-Healthcare

11) … where the farmers are empowered with real-time information to be connected with global markets

12) … where mobile enabled emergency services ensure personal security

13) … where cyber security becomes an integral part of our national security

14) … where mobile and e-Banking ensures financial inclusion

15) … where e-Commerce drives entrepreneurship

16) … where the World looks to India for the next big idea

17) … where the netizen is an empowered citizen


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