kerala-bhavan-1Though it was a historic day for all Keralites in Maharashtra, the inaugural ceremony of the Kerala House was marred by the mismanagement and poor coordination of the organizers. The inaugural ceremony of Kerala House should have been a day that Keralites and Navi Mumbai could have cherished forever but unfortunately, due to the poor coordination and mismanagement by the organizers, this did not happen. After a decade of construction, the first Kerala House in the state of Maharashtra was inaugurated at the hands of the Chief Minister of Kerala V. S. Achutanandan, in the presence of Kerala’s Minister of Home, Vigilance and Tourism – K. Balakrishnan, Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik, Commissioner Madhukar Kokate and Mayor Manisha Bhoir amongst others. The event began with a procession from Shivaji Chowk at Kerala House followed by traditional Kerala dances. However, the entire inaugural ceremony was marred due to utter chaos and confusion. The seating and security arrangement for the hi-profile inaugural ceremony was poor. Volunteers who should have been managing the crowd or rather mob, were busy making a beeline to the stage to click snaps. There were no arrangements made for a press briefing or for the media to cover the historical event that will now cater to the needs of all Keralites living in Maharashtra. The proceedings were carried in Malayalam with no attempt to translate it to the locals who enthusiastically came to participate in the ceremony. In fact, it seemed that even the Guardian Minister sat without any understanding of what was being said. The local police misbehaved with Navi Mumbai News and several media persons and even threatened them to stay away from interviewing the dignitaries. Showing utter disrespect to our Guardian Minister, the Chief Minister left mid way from the program without waiting for the GM Ganesh Naik’s speech. The local associations who organized the event misguided the media that Keralites achievers in the state would be felicitated at hands of the CM but this was not done. The prominent absentees of the event were State Chief Secretary D. K Sankaran and BMC Commissioner Johnny Joseph who were to be felicitated but they chose to stay away. A few organizers accepted poor coordination and mismanagement after the event and issued a public apology for the same.


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