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President Barack Obama creates a sticky web for himself with his own words

President Barack Obama at the moment is holding a strong position among all the other candidates and the last thing he would require at the moment is to get into any kind of controversy or for that matter, speak up something that would spoil his image in front of his supporters. But Obama did exactly that and at such a sensitive point of election gave Mitt Romney the break he would require at the moment and that too with his own words.

Recently in an speech Obama suggested that a central government and not individuals, deserves the credit for building successful businesses. In a very good representation where did Obama get this from. Such a statement from the President of the country not only depicts the picture of a sinking economy but also the low position he is placing the labour and enterprise. Every individual does hold a special and contributing position in a society, and hence nobody has the right to classify their rights, especially the President. And now Obama’s words have already put him in trouble and if he wants to get things sorted out, its better he starts working on it, like what he said and what he meant. Kiran Kidwai – International Desk, NMTV

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