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President Barack Obama sends negotiation signals to Iran, if Supreme authorities cooperate

After months of negotiation and cold talks between Iran and the rest of the world leaders, things slowly are taking shape on peaceful notes. Obama had sent a message through Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan to Iran that US is ready to accept an Iranian civilian nuclear program if Supreme leader Ali Khamenei would back up his recent claim that his nation will never pursue nuclear weapons. Obama also stressed on the fact that Erdogan should make the Iranian’s understand that the time for negotiations is running out and now when they have got a chance of negotiating, they should do so for the welfare of their own people.

On Thursday when Erdagon met all the superior authorities of Iran, he did convey Obama’s message to them. Although the negotiations talk had started taking place in the month of February itself on which Khamenei had then stated ‘The Iranian nation has never pursued and will never pursue nuclear weapons. Iran is not after nuclear weapons because the Islamic Republic logically, religiously and theoretically considers the possession of nuclear weapons a grave sin and believes that the proliferation of such weapons is senseless, destructive and dangerous’.

And now Obama wants Khamenei’s public rhetoric into a serious and verifiable commitment that they would declare that they would never build a bomb. And with Erdagon carrying on the talks between Obama and Iran is a evidence of being an intermediary who is accompanied by Hakan Fidan, the chief of Turkey’s intelligence service on both his trips and during talks between the leaders. Kiran Kidwai – International Desk, NMTV

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