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President Obama might be the favorite for Indians, but Mitt Romney giving a tough battle too

With the result if the recent survey, one thing has come out clear that just before four months of the election day, both Obama and Mitt Romney are standing equally competitive amongst the other candidates. Till date it would be only once or twice that they might have succeeded the race, otherwise they are pretty walking the same lane.

With voters supporting Mitt Romney, it has been clear that the majority of Americans have not been impressed with the steps taken by Mr President towards economy, healthcare or immigration. While Obama and team members have been aiming at Romney’s experience at Bain capital, an investment firm the Republicans had co founded and on the other hand Mitt Romney and team had been targeting the economy fall non stop.

Other than that, both the team have not been succeeding doing anything that would win the trust of their voters. So, both the teams already ahead in the presidential race really needs to show their worth and capability instead of promises and could be chances of improving the people futures. Kiran Kidwai – International Desk, NMTV

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